Prof. Dr. Axel Adrian

Notary Prof. Dr. Axel Adrian

Personal information


Born in Fuerth, Germany


Graduation at Hardenberg-Gymnasium in Fuerth (Abitur)

1989 to 1994

Studies of Law at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

1994 to 1996

Legal internships in Nuremberg and Ansbach, Germany

Professional Background

1996 to 1997

Lawyer at the legal department of Siemens AG

1997 to 2000

Junior Notary in Feuchtwangen and Fuerth

2000 to 2006

Civil Law Notary in Naila

since 01.04.2006

Civil Law Notary in Nuremberg

since 2019

Honorary professor at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg

since 2021

Arbitrator in commercial arbitrationprocesses

Publications, Miscellaneous

Various speaking engagements, authorial activities, academic activities, teaching and lectures Various publications (e.g. on German Stock law)


Doctorate with dissertation “Grundprobleme einer juristischen gemeinschaftsrechtlichen Methodenlehre” (Fundamental Problems of Legal Methodology under Community Law), Duncker & Humblot, Berlin


“Grundzüge einer allgemeinen Wissenschaftstheorie auch für Juristen” (Fundamentals of a General Scientific Theory even for Jurists) , Duncker & Humblot, Berlin


“Grundsatzfragen zu Staat und Gesellschaft am Beispiel des Kinder- und Stellvertreterwahlrechts” (Principle Questions on State and Society by example of Voting Rights for Children/Proxy Model, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin

Since 2008

Examiner for the First State Law Exam

Since 2011

Visiting lecturer at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg


Notarizations as well as legal advice can be offered in English. Furthermore drafts can be provided in English.
Dr. Bernd Weiß

Notary Dr. Bernd Wei


Personal information


High school diploma in Mellrichstadt

1988 to 1993

Studies in Law, Political Science, and Philosophy at the University of Würzburg


First State Examination in Law in Würzburg

1993 to 1996

Legal clerkship at the District Court of Bad Neustadt/Saale, Regional Court of Schweinfurt, Government of Lower Franconia, and law firm Brosge and Schmidt, Bad Neustadt


Second State Examination in Law in Würzburg (rank 15 of Bavaria)

1993 to 1995

Ph.D. at the University of Würzburg, topic: The European Charter of Local Self-Government, graduated in 1995 with Magna Cum Laude

Professional Background

1997 to 2000

Notary assessor in Schweinfurt, Würzburg, and Bad Neustadt

since 15.09.2000

Permanent notary in Schweinfurt

since 01.03.2007

In association with notary Wolfgang Schineis

since 01.08.2007

In association with notary Bianca Muschel

from 30.10.2008 to 14.10.2009

State Secretary in the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, member of the Bavarian State Government

since 15.10.2009

Again notary in Schweinfurt, association with notary Bianca Muschel, former State Secretary

Publications, Miscellaneous

1993 to 1997

Representative of Professor Knemeyer's chair in the expert committee of the Council of Europe. Strasbourg, for the monitoring of the Europe-wide application of the European Charter of Local Self-Government

1996 to 2008

City councillor in Mellrichstadt

2002 to 2013

County council member in Rhön-Grabfeld

2003 to 2013

Member of the Bavarian State Parliament

since 2014

Member of the Schweinfurt City Council

since 2022

Member of the Bavarian Constitutional Court


Notarizations as well as legal advice can be offered in English. Furthermore drafts can be provided in English.